Why should I get the best IV drip when I already take supplements?

  • Oral supplements have a 10-40% maximum bioavailability level because said supplements are dissolved/digested within the digestive system. 
  • As a result, oral supplements do not reach all organs, systems of the body, nor do they gain access to the bloodstream nor cells. 
  • IV infusions have a 100% bioavailability level, for it completely bypasses the GI tract (digestive system), infiltrating the body’s cells within the bloodstream.
  • IV treatments take immediate effect into the body and can be felt instantaneously; oral vitamins, minerals, and metals take up to an hour to absorb, you get 10% of each supplement on average, and the effects or changes are hardly felt. 
  • IV therapy is aptly named therapy, as it feels soothes the body and mind. In fact, many customers experience a sense of warmth or coolness; others have claimed IV treatments feel soothing and/or relaxing. 
  • Given the fact that IV treatments may be up to 10x more powerful than oral supplements, it would seem silly to pay for monthly supplies of myriad supplements. In the case of IV infusions, less is more. 
  • IV treatments introduce not only vitamins, metals, minerals to the body, but also hydration and electrolytes as well; oral supplements do not. 
  • IV treatments are administered by health care professionals and can be done so at the comfort and luxury of one’s home. Rev(IV)al Hydration is a 100% mobile, health, and wellness business, which mirrors the 100% level of bioavailability with which IV therapy is proud to admit.