Slender Swiftly (Weight Loss)

You will have a 100% chance that you will become slender after getting our weight loss drip.

Slender Swiftly (Weight loss)

Let’s be honest with ourselves, after an entire year being quarantined indoors, we probably all put on a pound, or two, or twenty. Our weight loss treatment, Slender Swiftly, was succinctly designed to quickly help you diet and lose weight. 

Our Slender treatment is filled to the gills with a beautiful concoction of amino acids L-Carnitine in particular (known as the “ferry amino acid,” as it takes fat, transports it and deposits it into the Mitochondria; which is your body’s energy supply), energy-based vitamins, and a array of other vitamins that remove cholesterol deposits. The appeal of our weight loss treatment is that it reduces the need to diet and exercise.

IV therapy derives directly from biochemistry. Under that umbrella lies 100% bioavailability (body’s ability to absorb vitamins, minerals, etc.). Any vitamin/mineral injected into the bloodstream will give you 100% absorption; supplements give you up to 10%.
There is a fat chance you will not slender down with our weight loss treatment.


Clearly, the more you invest in your health, the more it will pay off, both financially and esthetically. Thus, this specific weight loss treatment will not change you physically overnight, but will vastly improve your physique over the course of several treatments. As a result, we recommend getting a packaged deal (membership), which will give you either IM shots or IV drips. Our protocol requires a drip and/or IM shot 3x a week for eight weeks in order to get the results you desire. Ideally, our weight loss treatments will boost your self-confidence and in the way you feel overall.

If you’re serious about truly being committed to losing weight, we recommend signing up for our 8 week weight loss program. This is a package deal that entails two treatments per week. Our package deal gives you a discounted price. On the contrary, if you would like a one-time treatment, this can be done but it is more costly.


  • MIC/Carnitine (L-Carnitine), which carries and burns off fat in the Mitochondria (the body’s energy
  • B-12, which promotes red blood cell production (oxygen-carrying blood cells), optimizes cognition,
    and boosts energy levels.
  • Taurine, which is an amino acid that promotes heart and eye health, bolsters energy supply, and
    enhances physical performance and endurance.

$325 for a one-time treatment. Package price per treatment: $250 at two times per week for an eight week period.