How much do IV infusions cost?

In general, IV infusion costs are directly contingent upon the local market, state, and iv therapy company. IV infusion prices also vary depending on what type of treatment, dosage, concentration, time of IV infusion, the patient’s level of comfort and level of satisfaction, and much more. Typically, IV infusions can cost anywhere from $200 (hangover) to (NAD++) $750. The typical, lower-end costs of a well-rounded, IV vitamin infusion (Myer’s Cocktail) is around $299.

Do IV infusions really work?

IV infusions utilize biochemistry, backed by true and proven science. Anything injected (hydration, vitamins, minerals, etc) directly into the bloodstream has a bioavailability (body’s ability to absorb) of up to 100%, which is almost 10 times more powerful than supplements, which can yield 10-15% levels of bioavailability. Thus, anything injected directly into the bloodstream and infiltrated into cells, not always, but most of the time, can be felt instantaneously. Some patients say they can taste the vitamins and minerals. Others describe sensations of energy surges, deep levels of warmth and relaxation. Others feel so relaxed that they fall asleep mid-drip. Sometimes, patients/clients are already so healthy prior to their IV treatment, they do not feel much of a difference. It also all depends on dosage and concentrations as well. The reality is that most people are deficient in one, two, even several different vitamins/minerals. As a consequence, prior to their IV vitamin infusion, they can really notice, see, or feel a difference. Many say the get much better sleep, mental clarity and focus, optimized level of energy, and even better mood.

How long does IV therapy last?

The time that IV therapy takes varies depending on an array of elements. The drip speed can depend on the weight, health, age, vein caliber, threshold for pain, level of hydration of the patient. The time also varies depending on what is in the IV treatment. Basic vitamins and minerals and at low dosage and small iv bags can be finished anywhere from 15-25 minutes. For more complicated, advanced, and powerful IV treatments like NAD+ infusions, said IV drips take anywhere from 40 minutes to 3 hours. The wide ranging factors are: NAD+ strength, dosage, patient’s threshold for potential nausea/pressure, and level of personal experience. Typically, the effects of IV therapy can be felt for anywhere from a few days to several weeks. These factors are all pivotal off of what kind of drip it is, the dosages, concentrations, how healthy patient is, and more.

How much does IV vitamin C cost?

It all depends, like every injectable, how many milligrams and/or grams. A typical IV vitamin C drip at a five gram dose, can be anywhere from $50-$80, depending on the company and local market, as well as is it preservative-free or not.

Is IV drip covered by insurance?

No, IV drip is not covered by insurance.

Is IV therapy covered by insurance?

No, IV therapy is not covered by insurance.

Any other question?

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