Rev(IV)al Hydration

Pre-designed IV treatments

Our pre-designed IV treatment menu seeks to alleviate an array of symptoms: dehydration, detoxification, fatigue, migraines, nausea, flu, cold, vomiting, PMS pain, and more. These quick-fix IV treatments are typically geared toward, but not limited to, single-use purposes. Our intentions of said IV infusions were created to expedite recovery time and rejuvenate the body, so our customers can work hard, relax hard, or play hard!  


Hair of the Dog

Hangovers are painful, long-enduring, and make you immobile. Our detox IV treatment will reintroduce depleted lost nutrients and rejuvenate...

IV Therapy hydration

Fitness hyperboost

Our fitness IV treatment gives you the competitive juices that will expedite muscle building, muscle pain recovery time...

Cold and Flu Recovery

If your energy and overall health is utterly wiped out, you are bed-ridden, let us help you expedite your recovery from the cold/flu.

IV hydration Therapy

Hydration Healer

Our Hydration Healer treatment will refuel your tank with a healthy supply of hydration, electrolytes, and minerals...

IV Therapy San Francisco

Bombshell Baby

Our Bombshell Beauty treatment reverses the process of aging. This product will invigorate the look, shine, and healthy of...


Energy Enhancer

Our energy enhancing IV treatment will boost your energy level to such great heights and longevity.This treatment is packed with...

IV Therapy San Francisco


NAD+ is a long, slow, IV drip treatment that corrects and rebuilds your DNA, improves brain and cell function, and boosts ATP/Mitochondria...

IV Therapy San Francisco

Shark Week

Let’s not lie to ourselves, once a month that vicious shark week comes back to bite us with a vengeance. Along with that bite comes utter discomfort...


Jetlag Resilience

If you are feeling flighty, drowsy, and disoriented, then this treatment is for you. This treatment will rejuvenate your body with hydration...

Myers Cocktail

We pour with a heavy hand, adding an array of vitamin shots to our MC treatment, such as: B-12...

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