Myers Cocktail IV treatment

Why Choose the Myers Cocktail?

We all seek that extra push in our lives, a boost that elevates our overall well-being, enhances our performance, and brings out the natural glow in our skin. The renowned cocktail does just that and more.

Pamper Yourself Right in the Comfort of Your Home in Fremont, CA

Whether you’re a professional athlete, tech guru, or the life of every party, our specialized Cocktail IV Vitamin treatment is designed to cater to your fast-paced lifestyle. You no longer need to visit clinics; we bring wellness to your doorstep.

What's Inside the Myers Cocktail?

B-Complex (B-vitamins): B-vitamins play a pivotal role in maintaining good health and well-being. They help convert our food into energy, ensuring we stay energized throughout the day. Beyond providing vitality, they assist with digestion and are a cornerstone for achieving radiant, healthy skin.

Magnesium Chloride: Magnesium is a key mineral that our body needs to stay healthy. It regulates muscle and nerve function, making sure our muscles relax post-rigorous activity, potentially reducing instances of painful cramps. Furthermore, magnesium contributes to the health of our heart and blood vessels, promoting a sound cardiovascular system.

Zinc Chloride: Zinc is an essential mineral renowned for its immune-boosting properties. It aids in cell growth and division, ensuring wounds heal quickly and efficiently. With its vital role in cellular metabolism, zinc also ensures that our immune system responds swiftly to invaders, keeping us in peak health.

Calcium Gluconate: Calcium is commonly known for its role in maintaining strong bones, but its responsibilities don’t stop there. It aids in the release of hormones and enzymes that regulate various bodily functions. Moreover, calcium ensures our nerves transmit messages smoothly, and muscles contract correctly, making it a fundamental mineral for our day-to-day functioning.

Vitamin B12: B12, also known as cobalamin, is a crucial component of the B-vitamin family and has many functions in the human body. It’s pivotal for properly forming red blood cells, which carry oxygen throughout our system, ensuring our tissues and organs function optimally. Furthermore, vitamin B12 supports the health of the nervous system, playing a significant role in neurotransmitter signaling. A deficiency can lead to fatigue, anemia, and neurological disturbances, highlighting its importance in our well-being. 

Who Can Benefit?

Athletes and Gym Enthusiasts: Whether you’re training for a marathon or striving for those extra reps in the gym, this can be your secret weapon. It enhances your overall physical performance, combats the draining sensations of fatigue, and aids in quick post-workout recovery, ensuring you’re always at the top of your game.

Techies: The digital realm can be taxing. Constant exposure to screens can drain your mental and physical energy. The Cocktail steps in as a savior, helping to refresh tired eyes and weary minds. It rejuvenates your system, offering a much-needed energy kick and making those long coding or design sessions more bearable.

Beauty and Glow Seekers: A radiant complexion isn’t just about external beauty routines. The Cocktail dives deep, enriching your body with vital nutrients. It aids in enhancing the skin’s natural glow, fights against the daunting signs of aging, and ensures your skin mirrors your inner health and vitality.

Party Lovers and Bands: Late-night gigs or those never-ending parties can take a toll on your energy and leave you with the dreaded morning hangovers. But with the cocktail, you have a remedy at hand. It not only helps alleviate hangover symptoms but also ensures you’re buzzing with energy for your next big event.

Everyday Warriors: Our daily life, filled with work deadlines, household chores, and countless responsibilities, demands a lot from us. The cocktail is the boost every warrior needs. It revitalizes your system, ensuring you have the energy to tackle daily challenges head-on and ace every role you play.

Why Rev(IV)al Hydration?

Your health and comfort are our utmost priority. Our specialized team ensures that every Myers Cocktail IV treatment is administered with precision and care. Plus, with the convenience of getting the Myers cocktail in San Francisco’s vicinity, especially in Fremont, you’re choosing an elite service that respects your time and commitments.

Price: $320


How often can I have the Myers Cocktail treatment?

The frequency depends on individual needs. However, many opt for weekly sessions for optimal results.

Are there any side effects?

Our cocktail is formulated for utmost safety. Side effects are rare, but consult your physician if you have any health concerns.

How long does each session take?

The process usually takes about 30 minutes, ensuring you're rejuvenated and ready in no time!

Be Part of the Rev(IV)al Experience!

Choosing Rev(IV)al Hydration means choosing a life of vitality, enthusiasm, and radiance. Get your treatment today and experience the transformation firsthand. For those seeking an exclusive wellness solution in and around Fremont, CA, there's no looking beyond Rev(IV)al Hydration.