Lab tests, results, analysis, all with or without a membership plan.

Our medical philosophy is centered around analyzing from the inside (body’s interior/cellular level) to the outside (visible/external). In order to really understand, attain knowledge of, and to truly customize IV treatments for our customers, our lab tests ensure the highest, most accurate level of optimization. Upon receiving the lab results, we can then have the most reliable/credible feedback, so we can better enhance customers’ wants and needs. Moreover, we have a myriad of tests–blood, urine, and swab–from which and what purpose to choose. Lastly, if you are considering one of our memberships, you automatically get a blood draw/analysis baked into that price. 

Types of blood draws/analysis we offer.​

This panel will assess food reactions that cause bloating and inflammation. Sometimes we crave the food we are allergic to because of the endorphin rush the food gives at first. In the long run, these foods aggravate our bodies and cause water retention, cramps, and GI distress.
Food Allergy panel
This test measures vitamins and mineral levels in the body. It identifies deficiencies and gives a guide on what foods to eat to replenish these nutrients. We can customize IV therapy to target these deficiencies, thus creating a personal IV formula just for you.
Micronutrient lab panel
This tests the level of hormones circulating in the bloodstream. This panel can be customized to your needs and include Thyroid, as well as, Sex Hormones.
Hormone Panel
Blood draw- $80-$225
At the ends of the DNA strands lie the telomere. The telomere controls how well DNA divides and prevents fraying. Fraying during replication leads to aging. This test measures cellular age and can tell you if you need NAD+
want to go for it with Vitamin C? The G6PD measures how much antioxidants, such as vitamin C, we can safely add to your IV.

Urine samples/analysis

Neurotransmitter Test - $240

This test will measure your neurotransmitters and serve as a guide to balance them. This test can be used to decipher mood changes, insomnia, and ADHD. Personalized treatments are developed from this panel.

Heavy Metals Test -$175

The release of heavy metals from your tissues is provoked by the administration of a chelating agent. Before the test can be administered, a basic chemistry panel will be done to show that your lover and kidneys are healthy enough to undergo such a test. This test shows toxic exposure to heavy metals that become stored in the tissue. Mercury mimics zinc. Lead mimics calcium.. Our body will store these metals in our tissues. $20 for chem panel, $75 for DMPS challenge, $99 for the test.

Saliva Test

Swab test/analysis - $125-385

Saliva tests are a non-invasive way to measure hormones. This test is very sensitive. Sex hormones $315-385- can include Adrenal output test.Can be added to Neurotransmitter test. Adrenal Test- $125 This test measures how we handle stress and what our circadian rhythm looks like. If stress is overwhelming, if you have trouble sleeping, if you are under stress and gaining weight, this test is enlightening. COVID19 PCR test is via a nasal swab and costs $250.

Gold Membership plan Lab options:

Under the Gold Membership plan, customers get a choice among the following labs with analysis and the price of the lab test is build into the membership plan:
  • Micronutrient
  • Telomere 
  • Food Allergy panel 
  • Hormone Panel 
  • *G6PD (note to remember/test for 10 grams and above) 


Anyone who wants to sign up for a membership and wants the most accurate analysis, so we can build highly customized treatments for each specific individual’s wants and desired health goals.

Upon receiving your lab results, we will sit down with you, educate you, and consult you on what your report means; communicate to where your strengths and weaknesses are, and how or what we can do to optimize your health across the board.

When ordering any specific test, you might consider getting a consultation with us, or if you find one that matches what you’re looking for, then we will set you up. 

You can order a test at any time. Just fill out the appointment form at the bottom of the page, pick which test you want, and check out. Each test has a different turn around time. We will let you know how long to expect your results to come.

Since we are 100% mobile–most convenient attribute of our business model–, we come to you. 

Upon receival of your submission, we will come to your location, draw the sample, and call you when the results come in.

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