Why do We Age?

At this point, aging is something that we can’t avoid. There are many possible factors that contribute to the aging process from cellular damage to damage to DNA to lifestyle factors. When we age, our hair turns gray, our muscle tone diminishes, our energy levels decrease, and we start to get wrinkles.

Anti-aging NAD Therapy in Los Gatos

There are many treatments to help you look and feel younger, but NAD is one of the few that addresses aging at the cellular level. NAD anti-aging treatments can combat the effects of aging, ultimately helping you look and feel younger.

Anti-aging NAD therapy can restore:

  • Muscle and skin tone
  • Mental clarity
  • Cognitive function
  • Memory
  • Energy levels
  • Metabolic function

How NAD Can Help You with Anti-Aging

NAD is a coenzyme that plays a role in several of your body’s functions, such as your metabolism, your brain, your digestive system, your mood, and more. Your body produces NAD naturally. However, due to factors such as stress and aging, NAD levels can become depleted. Low levels of NAD lead to a slowdown in your metabolism and brain fog.

Low levels of NAD can contribute to a faster aging process. Over time, telomeres – the protective caps at the end of our DNA – shorten due to damage and age. NAD lengthens telomeres and reduces the damage caused by free radicals, so by boosting low levels of NAD, you can counteract this damage, look younger, and feel better.

NAD treatment helps you look younger, feel more energetic, and feel better, but it is not a miracle cure. NAD is a complement to healthy aging practices because it helps bring out the full potential of lifestyle habits such as eating well, exercising regularly, and getting enough sleep, all of which contribute to your longevity.

5 Reasons to Get Delivery IV NAD Therapy for Anti-Aging

Direct-delivery NAD IV therapy is an innovative anti-aging solution that are a fantastic alternative to spending time and transit between your home or office and a local clinic. Here are our top five reasons to get NAD treatment for anti-aging.

1.Regular treatments slow the aging process

Although you cannot stop the natural aging process, you can slow it down. NAD is most effective when used regularly. NAD treatments lengthen telomeres, the protective caps at the end of DNA. When used over time, NAD can contribute to overall longer telomeres for your age bracket.

2. Delivery IVs are Convenient

That’s where direct-delivery NAD IV treatments come in. Rev(IV)al Hydration brings treatments directly to you wherever you are, Whether you are at home, working hard at the office, or elsewhere in the city, you don’t have to take hours out of your day to enjoy the benefits of this innovative anti-aging solution.

Delivery NAD IV treatments also save you time between waiting in traffic, waiting rooms, for the treatment at a clinic.

3. In-Home IV Therapy Ensures Privacy and Comfort

We want to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible during the treatments. Delivery IVs – whether for NAD, hangovers, or one of our other specialty formulas – offer our clients unmatched privacy and comfort.

Our nurses are discreet to protect your privacy. Because IV treatments are administered on your time and schedule, you can pick where you want treatments. You can stay in the comfort of your home, office, or hotel during the treatment so that you can continue enjoying your day with minimal disruption.

4. NAD IVs for Anti-Aging are Effective

The daily demands of life can deplete your body’s stores faster than they can be replenished, leading to premature aging and a slower metabolism.

Restoring the levels of NAD in your body, combined with the convenience of delivery at-home treatments, is a hassle-free way to combat aging naturally.

5. IVs flush out toxins and free radicals

NAD IV therapy does more than restore your body’s levels of NAD. The saline solution used in IV therapy flushes out the free radicals and heavy metal buildup that contribute to premature aging, toxicity, and dull-looking skin, hair, and nails.

Instead of trying to undo built-up damage all at once, regular IV therapy keeps the levels of free radicals and heavy metals in your body at a minimum, preventing damage over time and slowing your overall rate of aging.

NAD and Anti-Aging Research

NAD therapy isn’t just the latest trend. There is proven research that demonstrates its benefits. NAD has a host of anti-aging properties that help people look and feel younger. Research indicates that lower levels of NAD correlate with hallmarks of aging, including the increased risk of various age-related diseases.

Likewise, studies also prove that people with higher levels of NAD may slow or reverse signs of aging while also delaying age-related illnesses. It’s important to also note that this research shows that increasing levels of NAD in animals (including worms, flies, and rodents) extended their lifespan. NAD has also been found to work in synergy with the hormone melatonin, which helps regulate our sleep cycles and thus aids in preventing age-related cognitive decline.

Other Benefits of NAD

In addition to being an excellent option for anti-aging, NAD proves to help the body in many other ways. Benefits of NAD include improved focus, better-functioning metabolism, higher energy levels, better physical performance, and much more than the body needs to thrive. People are often interested in learning more about how they can increase the levels of NAD in their bodies, and the options are typically an oral supplement or via IV therapy.

Is NAD Therapy in Los Gatos Safe?

The short answer is yes, NAD therapy is safe. There are currently no studies that indicate that there are any long-term side effects associated with NAD IV therapy. However, some people say that they temporarily feel like they have an upset stomach during and shortly after the treatment. However, this subsides quickly, and people leave their treatment sessions feeling rejuvenated.

Anti-Aging IV NAD Treatment Delivered Directly to You with Rev(IV)al Hydration

Although there isn’t a way to stop the aging process, you can take many steps to slow it down. NAD IV therapy can help. NAD infusions work best when used over time. Regular use prevents the buildup of free radicals that contribute to aging and overall health. If you’re an on-the-go business professional or have a busy lifestyle, it can be hard to make time for an infusion session.