NAD+ Patches, better than NAD+ drip?

Transdermal patches 

Transdermal patches are applied on any part of the skin–ideally wherever there is an absence of hair–, supplying the body with medicine: NAD, minerals, and vitamins. The medicine from the patch is immediately absorbed into the muscle tissue, eventually seeping into the bloodstream. Once the medicine enters the bloodstream, it then infiltrates the cells, and then goes in and eventually repairs damaged cells whilst carrying the NAD throughout the entire body. This process is called diffusion. In this way, the delivery of NAD via the patch from the muscle tissue and then into the bloodstream is very powerful, as it allows for very high absorption rates because it bypasses the entire digestive system (GI tract). 

NAD+ transdermal patches 

   NAD+ is extremely beneficial to the human body and brain entirely. The benefits of NAD+ patches are incredibly extensive, and such examples are: 

–NAD patches boost cognitive performance by improving focus, memory, and diminishes brain fog. –NAD improves quality of sleep 

–NAD patches help individuals cope with stress and greatly improves mood and overall well being. –NAD patches alleviate habits of feeling anxiety and depression. 

–NAD patches boost mitochondria levels–body’s chief source of energy–, which slow down with age. –NAD has shown to alleviate an array of addictions. 

–NAD may assist in battling auto-immune diseases: including Alzheimer’s, Parkinsons, even brain trauma.


How and why are NAD patches more convenient​ ​than NAD+ IV drips?

NAD patches involve very little skill. NAD patches are low maintenance and do not require an administration of an IV by a medical professional. In fact, NAD patches are shipped on ice--fresh NAD in needleless syringes--to the home of a client. They then watch a tutorial view, read instructions on how to apply, and the patch is ready to be used. Aside from the occasional minor, temporary red rash on the skin from wearing the patch, NAD patches have next to no side effects. NAD patches maintain therapeutic levels in the body for up to a week, and after wearing multiple patches, the effects slowly last longer and longer. NAD patches boast absorption levels of up to 80%, which is 8x more powerful than oral supplements. NAD patches are much cheaper than NAD+ infusions. ".

How does an NAD+ transdermal patch work?

NAD+ transdermal patches have a small battery with a positive and negative terminals. These terminals are on the opposite side of the patch. Saline solution is applied to the negative terminal. On the positive terminal side, we put NAD+ solution. The positive and negative terminals, with the use of a built-in motor, are charged and operate collectively by using a method called Iontophoresis. By way of ion charged particles and a motor, the NAD is pulsed throughout the entire body for either a four or eight-hour period. After wear time is complete, the NAD patch is simply discarded. To really make an impact on the brain and body for a more long-term period, it is recommended that multiple patches be worn for several days, even weeks.