Rev(IV)al Hydration

What are the benefits of IV therapy?

  • IV therapy boasts a 100% bioavailability of all vitamins, metals, and minerals to the body.
  • There is no faster and more efficient to give the body nutrients and hydration than IV infusions. 
  • IV drips may improve cognitive performance.
  • IV therapy may assist in reverse aging.
  • IV infusions may enhance physical and mental performance.
  • Infused IV drips may rebuild your DNA, repair cells, and catalyze mitochondrial development.
  • IV treatments are rich in amino acids, electrolytes, hydration, vitamins, minerals, metals. 
  • Vitamin infusions may detox the liver and make the skin glow.
  • IV drips may enhance the healthy appearance of skin, hair, and nails.
  • IV drips may ease PMS symptoms, migraines, and hangovers.
  • IV vitamin drips may reduce physical pain and bolster physical performance.  
  • IV treatments may improve mood, concentration, and mental performance.
  • IV infusions may strengthen the immune system, diminishing the potential of getting the flu or a cold.
  • Repeated IV treatments may reduce autoimmune and degenerative diseases.
  • IV drips may increase the length and quality of sleep.
  • IV therapy does not use addictive painkillers or antibiotics, as they weaken the immune system. 
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