Regenerative Recharge

Regenerative Recharge

What is Regenerative Medicine?

Regenerative Medicine presents an array of benefits for many different purposes. It is a cutting-edge approach that utilizes Exosomes in repairing damaged tissues, cartilage, cells, and organs. Regenerative cell therapy infuses live cells into areas where there exists damaged tissue, from which stimulate and permeate the regeneration of
new cells.


Regenerative medicine can vastly improve the conditions of many autoimmune disorders, such as: Arthritis, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Diabetes, Autism, and much more. Regenerative treatments can even be life-saving. In addition to reducing joint pain, Regenerative cell therapy can regenerate hair follicles and even increase one’s range of movement.

Where do our Exosomes come from?

Exosomes can come directly from a person’s blood/plasma. Our stem cells derive from umbilical cords. The FDA recently approved umbilical cord regenerative cells, and confirmed that the safest way to get regenerative cells, is via umbilical cord derived blood forming regenerative cells.

How much does an IV drip cost?

Our drips cost $6,599

How long is the duration of an IV drip of Exosomes?

Typically, our drips of Exosomes takes 30 minutes.

What are Exosomes (catalyze regeneration process via stem cell therapy) and how do they function?

Please watch our brief, explanatory video from our MD–Dr.Raj/Orthopedic surgeon — regarding regenerative medicine.

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