What is PRP?

Our immune system is our body’s natural defense against infection. Platelet-rich plasma therapy is a form of regenerative medicine that can boost those abilities, and amplify the power of the immune system. One of the best uses for PRP is for facial skin rejuvenation with a variety of dermal injections and topical applications throughout micro-needling. The promising nature of PRP makes treatment via injection or in conjunction with micro-needling a decent addition aimed at skin rejuvenation. PRP treatments utilize platelet growing factors (PGFs or drips) that assist the 3 levels of wound restoration and restore cascade (inflammation, proliferation, remodeling). Additionally, PRP incorporates proteins that guide molecular increase. The concept is that injecting PRP into broken tissues will stimulate the body to develop new, healthful cells and cell recovery, as well as repairing cells, tissues, and damaged areas. A study also suggests that tissues may also heal faster. A recent discovery at Cardiff University suggests that empowering the immune system can also heal skin cancer and many other skin diseases.

What are the applications of PRP?

Sexual wellness
Hair loss
Connective tissue injuries
Acute injuries
Post surgical repair
Various forms of Arthritis

How much does PRP cost?

The typical price point for one session of PRP is $1,000. One session, depending on the person’s age, condition, health, and more, typically lasts 6-9 months as per joint rejuvenation for Arthritic conditions. Skin rejuvenation treatments vary, as they depend on frequency needed, and because they can be combined with other services, such as: micro needling, sexual wellness, hair restoration, and more.

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