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Vitamins San Francisco

*Before ordering, please consult our MD on staff.

If you want to customize your IV bag, we have an array of IV pushes (an array of injectable vitamins to meet different purposes) from which to choose. All additives are a la carte. They are all priced differently. All Vitamins San Francisco take 5-10 minutes, so as to maximize customer free time.

Benefits of Vitamins San Francisco 

All of our IV Vitamins San Francisco offer different purposes and benefits, but depending on push desired. 

IV Push menu

  • Zinc–$50

Supports your immune system and muscles. It helps with cold recovery. Zinc aids in repairing your tissues after exercise. Zinc also plays a role in hormone production, including testosterone, which is essential for building lean muscle mass.

  • Ascorbic Acid (vitamin C)–$50

This famous “cold” fighter is a strong antioxidant known for strengthening the immune system by fighting off colds and other infectious diseases. It helps promote cardiovascular and eye health, and ward off wrinkles and the signs of aging skin too.

  • Thiamine (vitamin B1)–$50

Thiamine is rich in antioxidants. It enables the body to use carbohydrates, particularly for athletes to use as energy. Also, It is essential for glucose metabolism, and it plays a key role in nerve, muscle, and heart function. It supports the brain, particularly forgetfulness, concentration, and also stress. 

  • Vitamin B Complex  –$70

Vitamin B Complex offers a pantheon of all 8 pillar B vitamins. This vitamin San Francisco will enhance your overall body’s performance ranging from: bolstering your immune system to aiding brain and heart function to enhancing the  health and appearance of your teeth, hair, and also nails.

  • Taurine –$50 

This amino acid supports the nervous system and has antioxidant properties. It also helps regulate the level of water and minerals in the blood. Taurine improves athletic performance and enhances mental focus. It also aids and stabilizes metabolism. This is quintessential for fitness fanatics, as this supplement will greatly enhance your mental focus and physical simultaneously. 

  • Glutathione–$60

It reduces cell damage in alcoholic and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. It can reduces anxiety and stress. Glutathione also builds up your immune system, is an essential antioxidant,  and removes mercury from the brain. Moreover this is a major supplement for detoxification.  

  • Arginine--$60 

Greatly enhances physical performance and maximum muscle building properties. It helps relax the body. It eases blood flow through the body, especially the heart.  Furthermore this is your go-to if you’re a gym rat or a serious, performance  athlete.   

  • Zofran–$50

Aids in treating nausea and also vomiting. 

  • Creatine--$60

Improves high-intensity exercise performance. It provides a great source of energy. Creatine aids in diminishing the risk of many neurological disorders, especially Parkinson’s disease. 

  • Vitamin D–$50

For us SF locals of whom are often smothered by fog and seldom see the sun–you can get your source of sunshine here with our vitamin D IV push. Our additive supports lung function and also cardiovascular health. 

  • Magnesium–$50

This crucial vitamin is a pillar to your body’s overall health and boasts an array of benefits. Magnesium   reduces migraine headaches, improves heart health, reduces risk of diabetes, boosts exercise performance, diminishes depressing, and is also an anti-inflammatory. 

  • Biotin--$50

This beauty is a top-notch, embellishing, enhancing  ingredient to add wherever possible. Biotin improves strengthen, health, and also appearance to hair and nails. It can diminish hair loss and also can reduces your cholesterol level. This vitamin boosts your metabolism and also greatly revitalizes skin.


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