Rev(IV)al Hydration

Fitness hyperboost

Our fitness IV treatment gives you the competitive juices that will drown out your excuses for falling short of being at your athletic zenith.  Revival’s hyperboost treatment boasts a jam-packed, performance-based cocktail, which is blended with unique electrolytes, amino acids, Taurine, vitamins, and a diverse selection of vitamins and energy catalyzers.  Whether you want to leave Barry’s gym spectators in total awe and envy, you are sore and want to speed up your recovery time, or want to be recharged and ready for an athletic event, call us up and put in an order. We will meet you at the event or at home the night before. Surge with us!


  • Expedites recovery time.
  • Diminishes pain and soreness 
  • Bolsters body with energy elixir
  • Sharpens focus and alertness
  • Boosts longevity, tamina, and overall performance.

If you balloon head  feels disconnected from your body, come get acclimated with Rev(IV)al Hydration.

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