Rev(IV)al Hydration

IV Therapy San Francisco

How we are different

Unlike hospitals and our competitors, who provide IV therapy in their clinics or drip bars, our services are 100% mobile. Thus, we want to provide our customers with a service that is as convenient and comfortable as possible, so they can be rejuvenated from the luxury of their couch, cubicle, wedding, hotel room, and more.

Mobile IV Sunnyvale Rev(IV)al Hydration prides itself on cutting edge treatments and staying ahead of its competitors. We have an iOS mobile app from which our customers can order a treatment. We have extra strength NAD patches and offer NAD infusions. We have an array of urine and blood labs with analysis. From the analysis, we can build customized treatments that are specifically geared to meet the wants and health needs of our customers. With those specific wants and health needs, we design memberships for those customers.We also provide Regenerative medicine, specifically Stem Cell therapy.

Our Mission

Rev(IV)al Hydration looks to provide our customers with the utmost convenience and comfort that is possible. Unlike in a hospital setting, our Mobile IV Sunnyvale therapy is 100% mobile. Our team of medical professionals works around the clock to be available to accommodate our customers with consultations over the phone, all of which are followed up with on-demand, on-site IV therapy Sunnyvale deliveries and administrations. Just call us and schedule an appointment, and wherever you are, we will come to you: home, hotel, office, yoga studio, gym, wedding, fraternity, sorority, and any private/public event. We provide IV Mobile Therapy services. We are also willing to travel out of the great Sunnyvale or out of state upon request.

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